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Animation Trainee

CLT Full Time Contract



We are looking for young people who have a passion for visual arts and are interested in starting a career in the animation market. There will be a period of in-house training related to animation, so no experience is required, but a portfolio with paintings and/or drawings will need to be presented.


- Study the content presented, learn and apply to the requested work;

- Study and learn about the steps before and after the animation of scenes;

- Follow the tutors' guidelines and strive to turn in assignments on time;

- Know and act according to the company's values;

- Work collaboratively and be flexible to change;

- Expose your difficulties and seek help to solve them;

- Show goodwill in performing multiple tasks.


- Availability for full time (8 hours a day) face-to-face daily work in Blumenau, SC.

- Show facility and taste for the expression of ideas through drawings.

Other information:

For face-to-face work in the studio, COVID-19 vaccination must be complete or 2nd dose scheduled.


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