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2D Animator (Harmony)

CLT Full Time Contract | Remote


The animator is responsible for creating the movements, poses and expressions of characters and objects as directed by supervisors and directors, as well as interpreting the animatic. Even though we work the 2D cutout technique, we will need knowledge of traditional animation.


- Study the storyboard and animatic of the work to be animated

- Study the director's guidelines for the animation of each scene

- Study the audio and plan the scene

- Determine the key poses of the characters and present to the supervisor or director

- Refine the movements, create the breaks, and finalize the scenes

- Actively participate in daily production meetings

- Feed project information into the company's systems on a daily basis

- Export videos and review them before submitting for approval

- Meet agreed deadlines

- Follow the naming conventions established in the production pipeline


- Knowledge of the fundamental principles of animation and ability to use them in practice

- Ability to work collaboratively

- Ability to work under direction and flexibility for change

- Good communication and ability to assimilate and expose ideas

- Pro-activity to solve problems and help the team

- Show interest and good will when multi-tasking

- Good interpersonal relationships

Other information:

- Professional experience and/or courses in the artistic or animation areas, will be appreciated

- Intermediate knowledge of English


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